Want A Mailbox That Matches Your Home? Find Custom Mailbox Builders And Follow These Guidelines

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If your mailbox is old, deteriorating, and out of style, it's time to get a new mailbox. If you want something that is custom-made to match your house, and personalized, you have to find a builder.

Custom-made mailbox installation can take some time. Look for different builders and inquire about potential options. They should be able to show you past mailboxes created, give you a pricing sheet and give you a quote for the project.

You will need to include a photo of your home, the materials your home is made of, and the list of restrictions if there are any. Here are some other things to do.

Check with the HOA

Your homeowner's association may have regulations on the mailbox. This could mean specific requirements for:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Number font
  • Height regulations
  • Material

Be sure to have this information before you spend the money on a custom-made mailbox, and so you can have it made to meet the guidelines.

Understand Placement Regulations

Talk with the local postal office and city department of engineering to find out if there are any placement requirements. If you need to have the mailbox a specific number of feet away from the driveway, within the road or curb, or it can't be by certain things, know the details so you don't put the mailbox in the wrong place.


Ask the custom mailbox company what the warranty is for their work. The mailbox should be composed of metal on the interior, and then it will be covered on the outside with wood, vinyl shingles, or even brick or stone to match your own. You want to know what the warranty includes.

Get the Mailbox Professionally Installed

You don't want to risk the mailbox not being secured in the ground properly. Have the mailbox professionally installed. They will measure the mailbox to the appropriate height, cement it to the ground, and make sure that it's in the proper location.

If you want to have a unique custom mailbox that is made to look like your home, get quotes from local suppliers and custom mailbox builders. From there you can choose the design and options that the builder providers, but you then want to have it professionally installed. This way you don't have to worry about mail mishaps that occur when your mailbox has fallen over, is faulty, or is crumbling and deteriorating.

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