What Are You Looking For In Bath Towels?

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Something as seemingly simple as a bath towel doesn't seem like a major investment until you start looking at your options. A great bath towel should embody several things to help you feel your best and get the most out of your experience, whether you need a bath towel for the beach or you just want beautiful and functional towels for the guest bathroom.

For such a basic luxury, there are several different brands and styles of towels to choose from for your home. You can choose from a specific brand of towel, such as the Japanese brand imabari towels from Rikumo, or from another brand you know and trust. You can choose towels with luxury textures or materials, such as towels with materials made of bamboo or a beautiful waffle style—or you can choose based on style.

What are you looking for in bath towels? Since this is an investment that can last a long time, you want to make sure you choose wisely. Here are things to look for whether you want classic and charming imabari towels or other styles and brands of towels.


Towels come in a variety of materials from options like 100% cotton to more earthy and sustainable materials like bamboo. You can choose the right towels for your needs based on composition. An ideal towel will be soft, lint-free—or at least reduced in lint production—and be able to wick away moisture easily.


The treads on the towels will indicate how long they may last: many threads per certain area in a certain height can indicate a lush and thick towel, while less threading may indicate a more hand towel situation that can fray or wear down more easily. Explore imabari towels and other brands of towels that can meet your needs. If you want to have basic towels for your home but you want them to have some allure, choose textured or patterned towels like waffle towels.


Do you want towels that have a beautiful design? If so, make sure you don't choose towels that are heavily dyed. The dyes can get into your other clothing or cause irritation on the skin. Look for dye-free or naturally dyed bath towels, or choose bath towels in a plain white or dye-free option. Imabari towels or other towels that have the main design just lie in the overall makeup of the materials and in the threads themselves.

You can buy imabari towels and other brands of towels you love online or at your local bath towels and home decor store.