Sprinkler System Not Working? 3 Problems It Can Have

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If you have a sprinkler system and it is not working, there could be many things wrong with it. Below are three of these things, as well as how the sprinkler system can be repaired. 

Over Spraying

Over spraying is a common problem with sprinkler systems and can waste a lot of water. If your sprinkler system is spraying out of the zone and watering things that you do not want to be watered, such as a nearby fence, driveway, etc., this is overspray. 

This problem can be caused by many things. One, you may have the wrong type of head nozzles or types. The pattern may not be set correctly, which you can likely change yourself. The heads may also be tilted, and you can straighten these out. If you find that none of these things fix this problem, it needs to be looked at by a sprinkler repair company. 

Head is Broken

If the water pools around the sprinkler head, the head is likely broken. It could have just a small crack, which can be caused by something hitting the head, such as from a lawnmower, or the line may be broken causing a large leak. 

If the head is broken the only way to take care of this problem is to replace it. If you do this yourself, make sure you purchase the same type of head. If you do not feel comfortable, hire a sprinkler repair company to replace the head for you. 

Sprinkler Misting

If one or more of the sprinkler heads is misting instead of spraying water this can be caused by many things. One, there may be a clog in the nozzle or the sprinkler head. This is something you can check yourself and remove the clog if found. The problem can also be caused if the water pressure is set too high. 

If there is no clog, reduce the water pressure to take care of this problem. To do this, install a pressure regulator on the sprinkler valve that is misting. You can purchase this at a hardware store or online. It will come with instructions on how to install it, or you can contact a sprinkler repair company to do this for you. 

If you hire a sprinkler repair company, they can give you much more information about these problems. They can tell you about other issues you can have with sprinkler systems so you can watch out for them.