Three Common Locations Where Epoxy Flooring Is By Far The Best Option

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Epoxy is a well-known and very durable flooring option that has become extremely popular in a number of different industries. Not only that but because of its simple nature and cost-effective pricing, many private residences have also had epoxy flooring installed. If you are considering what type of flooring you need for your new home or business, then epoxy should definitely be one of your main contenders. Here are a few specific locations in your home or business that would benefit the most from an epoxy flooring over alternatives such as timber, vinyl, carpet, or even something like tile.

Kitchen And Food Preparation Areas

Epoxy flooring is non-porous, which means that nothing is getting through the surface level and into the underlying floor and foundations. With materials like timber and even regular concrete, the pores in them allow for bacteria and foodstuffs to become lodged and fester. This can also make it harder to clean effectively, and it is not uncommon for kitchen areas with these flooring materials to become much dirtier much quicker than epoxy flooring. If you want a kitchen space that's number one priority is cleanliness then it is hard to ignore the obvious advantages that epoxy flooring provides.

Storage Area

When you think of the requirements that a storage area has, the first two major ones would have to be low maintenance and strength. Storage areas are shut off from the world for long periods of time, and so no one wants to have to constantly be repairing and fixing damaged flooring in a room they barely visit. Epoxy flooring can last decades with very little involvement from yourself. If the room is sealed, then epoxy flooring can survive as long as you could possibly want, giving you peace of mind and a budget-friendly option for flooring in a room you will barely see the inside of. 

Workshop And Garage

If you need flooring for an area that is likely to see its fair share of spills from oils, chemicals, and harsh cleaners then epoxy is your main contender. This resin is exceptionally good at withstanding almost all of the harsh liquids that you are likely to expose it to at your mechanical workshop, which is why it is used in so many industries and factories. Better yet, it is hard to stain and it can be wiped off quite quickly when you notice it. To add on to that, it is hard to crack or bend with pressure, so heavy tools and machinery will not bother epoxy floorings either.