Types Of Queen Mattresses

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The queen-sized mattress is often considered the standard size for comfort for couples that share a bed. There are a few types of queen mattresses available. Knowing what they are can help ensure that you choose the most comfortable one for your needs.


A standard queen mattress is likely the first thing that you think of when thinking about a new mattress. A standard measures 60 by 80 inches in size and consists of one solid mattress. Standard queens are available in a range of materials and firmness levels to fit your comfort level. One benefit of a standard queen is that many bedrooms are sized to fit it with plenty of space left over. It is also easy to find frames and linens to fit the mattress.


For couples with different comfort needs, the split queen may be the solution. A split queen is two mattresses that are 30 by 80 inches that are designed to be placed side by side on top of a standard queen box spring on a standard bed frame. The benefit is that a couple can each choose a different level of firmness for their half of the bed, which can result in a major increase in comfort. Adjustable mattresses are often split style. A thick mattress pad camouflages the seam. Standard linens also fit split queen mattresses.


For those that need a bit more space but don't want to size up to a king mattress, perhaps because of space constraints in the bedroom, the Olympic queen provides an option. This type of mattress is 6 inches wider than a standard queen, which is just enough to provide a bit more comfort. It can be more difficult to find box springs, bed frames, and linens to fit Olympic queens, though, so make sure you can find a frame and linens you like before springing for this larger mattress.


Hybrid mattresses can come in any of the above sizes or styles. They can also provide an alternative for a split queen for those preferring a single mattress set up. Hybrid mattresses feature inner springs for a firm bed, but a memory foam top for a softer sleeping experience. Most standard mattresses are either spring or foam, not both. A hybrid queen can provide a more comfortable sleeping experience for couples when one prefers soft and the other needs firmness to sleep. 

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