Cleanliness Practices for Your Commercial Building

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Frequent cleaning of your commercial building helps cut down on the spread of illness, both to your staff and your clients. The best cleanliness practices will include a combination of professional cleaning and staff maintenance. The following can help you put in place the proper protocols.

Keep Supplies Available

The biggest reason that surfaces aren't properly maintained is a lack of readily available commercial building cleaning supplies. You can counteract this by keeping the proper supplies well stocked and out in the open. Consider putting in sanitation stations stocked with hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes. All public areas of the building should be stocked with these supplies, particularly lobbies, waiting areas, and restrooms. Individual work stations should also be stocked so that employees can clean and sanitize throughout the day. Further, make sure that restrooms remain stocked with hand soap and towels. You may need to install larger dispensers, since many people are now washing their hands more frequently throughout the day.

Clean Public Areas Throughout the Day

Gone are the days of cleaning public areas once at the end of the business day. Instead, you need a plan to wipe down and disinfect tables, counters, seating, and other high-touch public surfaces at regular intervals all day long. In smaller buildings these tasks can be carried out by a receptionist or other suitable employee, but in larger buildings you may need to bring in a cleaning person that can dedicate their entire shift to maintaining cleanliness throughout the building.

Have a Workspace Cleaning Protocol

Whether your employees have dedicated or shared workspaces, proper cleaning can cut down on the spread of germs. Provide every workspace with cleaning wipes and encourage their frequent use to wipe down high touch surfaces, such as keyboards and telephones. If your staff meets with other staff members or clients in their workspace, then you will need to implement a cleaning protocol that requires that surfaces are wiped down after every meeting.

Contract With a Professional Cleaning Program

Your staff should only be responsible for maintaining a clean environment, not getting everything clean in the first place. For deeper cleaning, contract with a professional cleaning service. You can sign up for a program that fits your company's needs. For example, small companies with few clients on site may only need weekly deep cleaning and disinfecting services, while busy offices with lots of visitors benefit more from daily deep cleaning.

Commercial building cleaning doesn't have to be time consuming or overwhelming. Work with a professional service to set up and implement a cleaning plan today.