Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Mower Running Right

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A well-manicured lawn can add prestige and value to your home by creating an attractive exterior. Few tools play as prominent a role in helping you maintain your lawn as does the lawn mower. In order to ensure you have access to a functional lawn mower in the future, it's essential that you take the time to properly care for your mower.

Here are some simple maintenance tips you can use to keep your mower running right.

1. Take the time to read through your owner's manual.

When you purchase a new lawn mower, like one from Snappy's Outdoor Equipment Sales & Service LLC, you will be provided with a manual outlining the proper care and use of your new mower. Many people overlook reading this important booklet and, as a result, the quality of their mower's performance can suffer over time.

Taking a few hours to read through your owner's manual will allow you to become familiar with the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule for important tasks like oil changes and radiator flushes. Knowing these schedules will allow you to service your mower on time, keeping it running at optimal levels well into the future.

2. Clean your mower's undercarriage after each use.

As your mower chops through blades of grass in order to keep them at the proper length, grass clippings can begin to accumulate on the underside of your mower. These clippings can clog up the discharge chute or get in the way of the mower's blade rotation, requiring your mower's engine to work harder in order to maintain proper mower function.

By turning your mower over and using a stiff brush to clean out any grass clippings from the undercarriage after each use, you ensure accumulated clippings won't cause your mower's motor to prematurely burn out. Just be sure that you disconnect the engine's spark plugs before working on your mower's undercarriage to prevent the engine from turning on accidentally and causing a serious injury.

3. Sharpen your mower's blade regularly.

Your mower's blade routinely comes into contact with hard objects like rocks, toys, and cement curbing when you mow your lawn. Each of these objects has the potential to nick or dull the blade of your mower.

If you want to ensure your mower has the ability to cleanly and quickly cut through grass, you should have its blade sharpened on a regular basis. Inspect your mower's blade after each use for signs of damage, and have the blade sharpened by a professional to ensure maximum cutting power.

Knowing how to properly maintain your lawn mower will help you easily keep your mower running right so you can maintain the aesthetic beauty of your home's landscape.