Safely Using Decorative Hanging Lanterns Around Pets

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Decorative hanging lanterns are an elegant way to illuminate a space. They can be a dangerous piece of décor, however, if you have cats and dogs. Pets aren't always careful when navigating a space—especially kittens and puppies—and may accidentally hurt themselves or cause an unfortunate accident when they come into contact with the lanterns. Here are two tips for using decorative hanging lanterns around pets.

Avoid Using Candle-Based Lanterns 

Although candles emit a beautiful romantic glow, it's probably best to avoid using them around pets that are prone to getting into things. This is particularly true of cats that like to climb and pounce. Attracted by the light or some decoration on the hanging lantern, your pet may try to jump on it and accidentally knock it over, which may result in a burned animal friend or a fire.

Instead, buy hanging lanterns that use light bulbs. Bulbs come in different colors, and you can get one that emits the same type of soft off-white light you get from candles. If you already have hanging lanterns that were designed for candles, you can find LED lights that don't need to be screwed in.

If you have your heart set on candle light, find lanterns that completely enclose the candle in a fireproof shield to reduce the risk of a fire starting if the lantern is knocked over.

Hang the Lantern High in Hard to Reach Areas

Hanging lanterns are typically designed so they can be placed anywhere. However, it's best to find a high space that's hard for your canine or feline friend to reach. This may involve observing your pet to determine how high it can climb or how far it can jump and placing the lantern just out of reach. It's also a good idea to keep the lantern away from obstacles your pet can use to access it. For instance, your cat may climb a bookshelf to reach a lantern that's hanging really high up.

If your lantern plugs into the wall, place the cord so that it's inaccessible. For example, you may need to run the cord across the ceiling and down the wall instead of just letting it hang freely. Use cord covers to prevent your canine friend from trying to chew or pull on the cord or run the cable behind furniture so your pet can't get to it at all.

Using hanging lanterns safely around pets may require a little out-of-the-box thinking, but your animal friend is worth the effort. For more information about this issue or to purchase hanging lanterns, contact a retailer near you.