Easy-To-Clean Bathroom Design

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The number of hours you spend in your bathroom every month would probably surprise you. Because this room is so central to your life, you want it to be attractive and conveniently laid out, but your bathroom should be more than those things. When you remodel, you should also consider designing your bathroom to be easy to clean, a step that can greatly simplify your life.

No Grout

One of the best expert tips is to do away with grout in your bathroom. Scrubbing out the dirt and mildew stains that gather in grout lines can take hours of your time and require heavy scrubbing with harsh chemicals. If you choose stone slabs for the walls, you eliminate grout lines and have only a few seams to contend with. You can also choose a solid surface for your vanity top as well. You can pick from many beautiful styles, so no one will realize you were choosing for convenience sake. You can also choose flooring that is easy to clean including sheet vinyl and stamped concrete.


Another way to make your bathroom easy to maintain is to choose wall-mounted fixtures. Having the toilet and sink mounted to the wall prevents the bases from getting dirty and grungy. Scrubbing the floor around the toilet is one of the more disgusting house cleaning jobs. Of course, you will still have to clean the fixtures, but you can stay off the floor while you do. 


When you are choosing the material for your bathtub, experts suggest going with thermal-formed acrylic that is reinforced with fiberglass. This material looks good and doesn't stain or fade. Although it can be scratched, using a "fine-grit" sandpaper on the surface can remove that damage. Most importantly, you won't spend much time cleaning it. The surface glow is easy to maintain with a non-abrasive cleanser or ingredients you can find around the house. Rubbing the surface with toothpaste or baking soda can easily restore the shine. You can also purchase this material in various colors to give your bathroom a bit more style. 

When you remodel your bathroom, don't just consider its appearance. Use a design that makes keeping your bathroom clean easy. You want a room that is hygienic without having to constantly scrub and mop it. If you plan carefully, your bathroom will be able to handle lots of use while always looking clean and inviting.