3 Plants To Include In Your Backyard Water Feature's Design

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Having the opportunity to landscape a backyard is one of the things new homeowners look forward to. If you have recently invested in a new home, you may be thinking of adding an outdoor water feature to your backyard's landscape design. Fountains that appear natural are becoming more and more popular, and incorporating plant life into your water feature is a simple way to create the appearance of a more natural space.

Here are three aquatic plants to consider investing in as you landscape your own water feature in the future.

1. Water Iris Plants

If you are trying to camouflage the exterior edge of your water feature, incorporating some marginal plants into your design can be beneficial. Marginal plants (also known as bog plants) have the ability to grow in soil that is very saturated with water.

Water iris plants feature colorful blooms that will not only serve as a beautiful border for your water feature, but can also be beneficial in helping to deter predators that might prey on your fish and removing toxins from the water they are surrounding.

2. Water Lily Plants

Despite their apparent delicate beauty, water lilies are actually durable plants that are suitable for inclusion in any backyard water feature. Hardy water lilies are less finicky than their tropical counterparts, which require a constant water temperature above 70 degrees Fahrenheit in order to bloom.

By including hardy water lilies in your backyard water feature's landscape design, you can enjoy blooms on the surface of your water from spring through fall with little effort. Just be sure to keep your water lilies away from any spray feature incorporated into your fountain's design, as the constant movement of the water can hinder growth.

3. Fairy Moss Plants

If you are looking for an ornamental plant to adorn the surface of your fountain's water, then fairy moss plants can be a great option. Fairy moss serves the practical purposes of removing excess nitrogen from your water supply and acting as a treat for any fish in your fountain.

While fairy moss remains a vibrant green throughout the warm summer months, the leaves transform to a deep purple-red when fall arrives, making this surface plant a colorful addition to your backyard fountain.

Landscaping a water feature doesn't have to be difficult. Incorporate water irises, water lilies, and fairy moss into your fountain's design, and you will create a water feature that is sure to impress your family and friends. Click here for more info on backyard water fountains for sale.