Have Foundation Problems From Pooling Water? Get New Gutters For Your Commercial Property

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If you have leaking and pooling water around the outside of your commercial building and it's starting to do damage to your foundation, it's time to get new gutters installed around the roof. New gutters are going to benefit the building a great deal and help protect the roof as well. You can also use the gutters to save money later on. When you get your new gutters, keep these things in mind.


The gutters need be molded pieces that go the full length of the building and have no seams. When there are seams in the gutter, it's easy for sticks and debris to get caught and slit the gutters open, leaving room for leaks and damages. The seamless gutters are easy for the company to install in one single piece as well. Vinyl is a great, durable and affordable material option to ask for.


Screens on the gutters stop all the debris from resting in your gutters and clogging the downspouts. The screens prevent heavy debris or pests from getting into the gutters, which can cause the units to tear away from the building and do shingle damage. The screens should clip on the gutters and you can easily remove them if cleaning or anything is needed. The screens will minimize the amount of maintenance that's required on the gutters annually and over time.

Reusable Water Options

You can have the water that comes down your downspouts placed into a system that you use to irrigate the property if you spend a lot of money on water throughout the year to keep your grass green. The rain water can go into grey water buckets or hoses or an unground storage area where it's reused for things throughout the building and outside. If you already have a grey water recycling system, the water can be directed in there.

The roofing company will let you know if you have any additional roofing damage that needs to be repaired when they come to the property to install the gutters on your home. You'll want to call a roofing company that does gutters installation, such as Northwest Rain Gutter, to make sure that everything is installed properly, and to get an estimate for the work that needs to be done. New gutters will improve the property because you won't have water leaks from pooling water or water running down the side of the building, and reusing the water is going to save you money later on.