Why You Should Have A Property Surveyed Before Purchasing It

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When purchasing a new home or piece of land, it is often assumed that the land has already been surveyed by the previous owner or the realtor who is selling it. While this may be true, it is also important to have your own land survey performed before you buy the property. These are some reasons why a survey is needed to ensure you are getting exactly what you expect to pay for when purchasing land.

Boundary Lines 

One of the most important reasons to have a land survey performed is to ensure all boundary lines are designated. If you plan on building a fence, barn or other addition to your property, you will need to know exactly where your property line ends and your neighbor's property line begins.

Right Of Ways 

It is also important to have a land survey to determine if there are any right of way areas on your property. There may be roadways that are shared between you and your neighbor that allows both of you to have access to the adjoining property.

Older surveys commonly have agreements included that allows a neighbor to come across your property to gain access to the public road. This is information you may need to know to avoid any conflict with your neighbor if he needs to do this.

Existing Waterways 

Most older surveys show ponds, lakes or streams that are included in the property. However, a new waterway may have been created since the last survey was performed. Having a more recent land survey will show you all existing waterways and where they are located.

Restrictions And Ordinances 

Many residential areas have restrictions pertaining to what can or cannot be built on the property. The surveyor will have this information so he can tell you what can be built and where it can be located. There may also be certain ordinances that state how well maintained you must keep your property if it is located in a restricted neighborhood.

Utility Lines Or Pipes 

Having a new land survey done on the property will also show you if there are any gas, water, electricity or water lines or pipes located on your property. If any of these do exist on the property, the utility companies will have the right to access the property as needed for repairs or maintenance.

A land survey will also tell you if the property is located in a flood zone area. This is especially important to help you determine if you may need to purchase flood insurance if you buy the property. Even if the property may not look like it would flood during heavy rainfall, it most likely will if it is located in a flood zone area. To learn more about land surveys, contact a company like Krause & Gantzer