5 Considerations In Placing And Sizing Your Bathroom Mirror

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Positioning a bathroom vanity mirror on the wall and choosing the right mirror size is often a tricky task. While there are no set rules for making the right choice, a mirror that is improperly hung or sized will stand out in your bathroom and throw off the entire room's interior design. 

The following are the five most important considerations to take into account as you choose the design and placement for a bathroom vanity mirror:

Height of your ceilings and width of wall space

The dimensions of the wall on which the mirror is to be placed are probably the most important considerations.

You'll want the mirror to be centered on the wall for a symmetrical look. This means that the mirror will ideally be equidistant from the ceiling and the top of the vanity. Likewise, it should be equidistant from the neighboring wall on the left and on the right. 

However, if your sink will be placed off center on the wall, your mirror should be placed off center too. With an off center sink, your mirror should be oriented on the wall to symmetrically encompass the sink.

Height of home residents

If residents of your home who will be using the mirror in question vary widely in height, you'll probably want to purchase a fairly long mirror to accommodate them all. 

Preferences of home residents

Residents in your home might prefer that the bathroom mirror give them a full body or at least half body view. If there are no full body length mirrors in your home's bedrooms, you might want to consider getting a longer mirror for your bathroom. 

Size of your sink

It's important to make sure that your bathroom vanity mirror isn't too big for your sink or vanity countertop. Take a step back when you're deciding on the right mirror and consider whether the size of your mirror is appropriate to the size of your sink. 

Usually, you'll want the width of your bathroom mirror to be approximately or exactly the same as the width of your vanity countertop. If you don't have a countertop but merely a freestanding sink, your mirror should be wide enough to extend slightly beyond the width of your sink on both sides. 

Distance between your sink and your wall

The mirror will typically be used by individuals who are standing at your sink. The further your sink is placed from your wall, the larger the mirror should be in relation to the size of the sink. 

If your sink is placed fairly far from the wall, a small mirror could make it so that a sink user will have to strain to get a view of himself or herself in the mirror. Contact a mirror retailer, like http://glasshopperaurora.com, for more help.