4 Seemingly Peculiar Moving Tips That Help Make Unpacking More Time-Efficient

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As if packing up everything that you own was not a task that was challenging all by itself, the feat of unloading when you make it to the new digs with your packages is just as bad--if not worse. The average person will pick up their life and take it somewhere else about 11 or 12 time in their life according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and to think that you will have to reorganize your life this many times is definitely overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help you make this enormous task more time-efficient--even if they do sound a bit odd.

1. Take a Ton of Pictures While You Pack - If you have a difficult time with organization, specifically when it comes to storing small items, and you are afraid you will forget your impressive arrangements by the time you get where you're going, take pictures. Grab a camera or even just your phone, and snap a bunch of pictures while you are in the process of packing that you can use for reference later on.

2. Make Use of Socks - If you consider yourself a sock person (with more than 25 pairs of socks), you have plenty of opportunities to make unpacking stemware and glasses a breeze when you get to the new house. Drop each glass into a sock, preferably clean, and slip it into a box while you pack. When you unpack, pulling off a sock is much more time-efficient than wading through and unwrapping enough newspaper to insulate a small room.

3. Save the Best for Last - After you have spent the day packing and pushing boxes to your new place, there is no doubt that the idea of kicking your feet up to catch whatever is on TV will be incredibly attractive. If you want to get as much done as possible, save the television for the last load and refrain from unpacking it until you get the biggest part of the unpacking done.

4. Avoid the "For Later" Method - As you are rearranging your new house, skip the tendency to stack still-packed boxes into the garage, closets, or other storage areas of the place. This may seem like a time-saving hack right now, but shuffling around all of the clutter will just make your life more difficult in your new home. Boxes that get saved for later may sit for months without being touched, especially if the items contained inside are things you don't use often. Go ahead and unpack everything as you go because later on, you will be much happier that you did.

Moving may be tough, but make sure that the unpacking side of the job that you are left with once the professional movers are gone is not more trying than it has to be. Talk to a moving company representative to get more tips about how you can make unpacking a more time-efficient feat.