Tips For Planting A Sapling In Your Yard Correctly

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If you plan on planting a sapling in your yard, you want to learn how to do it properly. Planting a tree successfully isn't as easy as planting some flowers in your garden. There are additional steps you need to take and things you need to do to ensure your sapling grows to be a strong and healthy tree. Make sure you follow the advice in this article to plant your sapling correctly.

Find the Perfect Location

The number one most important step in planting a sapling in your yard is finding the absolute best place for it. Keep in mind that the tree is only going to get bigger and bigger. For this reason, you need to make sure you plant it far enough away from other trees, power lines, plumbing pipes, septic tanks, fencing, your house and any other obstacles that may present a future problem once your sapling becomes a huge tree. If planting a tree around a pool, make sure it is a good distance from the pool or the roots may damage the pool as the tree develops.

Planting the Sapling

You don't want to dig too large of a hole for your sapling. The hole should be deep enough to fit the root ball, but the top of the root ball should be kept level with the surrounding ground. This is going to ensure that the sapling is planted in firm and stable ground, keeping it from sinking further into the ground after planting. When you fill the hole, you should fill it with the same dirt you dug out of the hole. The remaining dirt should be spread directly around the tree in an even ring. If you can avoid using a stake, this will be better for the sapling. Trees get stronger when they are able to move to and fro in the wind.

Add the Mulch

After you have planted your sapling, you want to add mulch. How you do this is important to your trees development, so make sure you do it correctly. You want to build a mulch ring all the way around the tree that's at least a few inches tall. The mulch should also be kept a couple of inches from the trunk. This will ensure the mulch is keeping your soil moist and receiving plenty of nutrients.

Water the Sapling

You can water the sapling by providing it with a thin stream of water for a minute to a minute and a half every other day. Watering—not overwatering—is an essential part of any tree care routine.