Southwestern Living Room Style On A Budget

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It's easy to find pictures of Southwestern style living rooms with exposed beams in their vaulted ceilings, stone fireplaces and meticulously chosen weathered furniture, and although these images may be drool-worthy, you can achieve the southwest style without building an addition onto your house. Bring a southwest feel into your living room on a budget by choosing the right colors, textures, furniture and accessories.


The colors in southwest decorating style are bold and bright. Think of the Southwest landscape when choosing your colors. Bring in the cobalt blue of the sky, the fiery orange of sunset, the green of a cactus and the brown of sage brush. If you aren't ready to paint your walls cobalt blue, opt for a more neutral palette and introduce these colors with throw pillows or one brightly hued chair. 


A mix of fabric textures will help give your living room a southwest feel. Use leather, suede, wovens and wool in different places around the room. Throw pillows and curtains are easy places to introduce a new texture. You can also hang a tapestry; a wool serape hung on a wall is the perfect way to add both texture and color to a room. 


To create a southwest look in your living room on a budget, go shopping in your own house and pull pieces from other rooms. The southwestern style lends itself well to an eclectic mix of furniture. Mix modern pieces with antiques, wrought iron frames and distressed pieces to create an interesting look for your room.

If you decide to pick up a few new pieces of furniture, a leather sofa looks beautiful in a southwestern style room. Knotty pine furniture is also perfect for this look. Seek out pieces with distressed metal accents. 


The accessories are the fun part and allow you to bring the Southwest into your living room as much or as little as you'd like. Choose arts and crafts that are associated with the Southwest. Punched tin pieces are a good choice. Consider a punched tin star table lantern that echoes the stars in the endless Southwest sky while bringing soft light into the space.

Hand painted tiles are also a good choice. Hang a couple on the wall or tile a side table with a combination of plain and painted tiles in a fun DIY project. Of course, if you want to go southwest all the way, put a bleached animal skull on a shelf.

By incorporating a few elements of southwestern style into your living room, you can get the look you're after without spending a lot of money.